Worship Together

We are a church that endeavors to be fully engaged with the mission of God in creation as we navigate the crossroads of life.  We are a warm body of believers carry the conviction that both faith and life are best lived out in the context of a loving community. 

Our community embraces an intergenerational and intercultural atmosphere. Our Sunday morning worship services and our relationships throughout the week center around authenticity and the love we have for God.

This is a community that we welcome you to join. Come as you are.


Current Series

We’re exploring the Gospel of Mark through our series “Following The Servant King.” As we move through key parts of Mark’s text, we’ll discover that the Kingdom of God looks very different then what many might expect. What does this mean for us today? How do these stories speak to faith, work, and life? We’ll explore it as we uncover what it means to follow Jesus while living in the Silicon Valley.